Cleaning & Recovery Equipment
Independent collaboration teams of marine biologists, microbiology chemists, chemical engineers and waterfront professionals are reviewing water cleaning equipment and waterfront services offered by EcoUSA. General review criteria includes:  
  • On-going efficiency and performance testing
  • World-wide references, patents and intellectual property
  • High performance ratings - warranty verifications
  • Protect marine eco-systems and aquatic habitats
  • Protocols for small and large projects
  • Independent monitoring reviews
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Water Purifier Flier

Industrial Ionizer Performance

Kria Industrial Water Purification - Ionizer technology injects negatively charged ions into water (oxidation).  It will degrade any organic pollutant including submerged oil.  It may well be the only known way to clean marshes of spilled oil.  See KRIA-EcoUSA Library


"An oil eating - algae-destroying machine" Ideal for fracking ponds, water utilities and impaired water bodies -- this clean waterfront system decreases high levels of herbicides, pesticides, See KRIA TECHSpecs

Test Studies on Specific Water Impairment Problems & Mediation

  • Blue Green Algae
  • Geosmin
  • Phosphorus
  • Benzene
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Oil Spills
  • Millfoil
  • Herbicides & Pesticides
  • Heavy Metals
View KRIA-EcoUSA Demonstrations

Demo Schedule - with benchmark and pollutant indicators

Presentations - PDF and Power Points







Oil Sludge Recovery  

OSS - Oil Sludge Separating Systems - crude oil reclaiming -- processed without environmental pollution.

OSS - Flier OSS - Video
OSS - International Brochure  


EE21 - Medical Waste Conversion  

EE21 - Macro-engineering solution for waste management. Thermal Cracking System equipment will RECYCLE GARBAGE on a large scale. Does not emit dioxin nor CO2.

EE21 - Flier
EE21 - Presentation  

EcoMiser Truck  

EcoMiser - High efficiency combustion supporting device for trucks, ships, barges and heavy equipment. Tests verify over 20% fuel savings.

EcoMiser - Flier Driving Test Blank
EcoMiser Presentation EcoMiser - Example Test


Spill Containment Equipment for general environmental maintenance, emergency response and regulatory compliance.

Spill Containment Products


Fuel Emulsifier Aquaflame 2000 is a fuel emulsification system that increase fuel efficiency by up to 30%. 70/30 oil emulsifier reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Capacity up to 300 liters per hour.

Emulsifier Flier (pdf)




BlueWaterWay™ Containers Project specific container loads of products and equipment. EcoUSA will optimize freight and fulfillment logistics to meet site and waterway specific requirements. Container contents will include pre-approved materials to meet regulatory and clean waterfront standards. Each container includes:

  • Site assessment training
  • Purchasing consultation (Smartway protocols)
  • EPA Listings
  • ASTM and industry benchmarks
  • MSDS
  • Extended warranty verifications
  • Independent testing and reporting protocols

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